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I’m learning to say yes these days. No comes more easily with a knack for closing off even as I open up.

I’m saying yes to myself, keeping the commitment to write this morning. Opportunities abounded and commitment previously involved someone else by definition, but I followed through today. I said yes to this dream work space.

Yes to rest. Peace in owning I’m no longer willing and able to seek employment. Freedom in the letting go, the lack of a weekly check, the redefining of work.

Yes to change, to healing, to God. The Bible lays open. The journal speaks with colors. I see more clearly as I read words from the past, metanarratives of my life and the world.

Yes to neighbors and caring, to the support offered by others.

Yes to riverside walks and the garden that brings new life. Stirring the soil, planting the seeds, watching them grow. The work is not my own.

Yes to Scrabble at 2 PM and letting it bring work to a close.