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I’ve discovered a poet I really like. That’s somewhat rare for me, particularly with postmodern poets.

I met him at the Faith and Culture writing conference two weeks ago, where he was so unassuming that he actually approached me.

After asking what kind of writing I do, he wanted to know specifics of a larger piece on which I’m working. Seeking clarification on specific points, he showed genuine interest in my work.

By the time we finished talking, he had asked for my business card, pointed out that its color scheme matched my outfit, and given me a free copy of his book.

Phil Long - Jesus Poetry Slam

His name is Phil Long and he’s the director of the Sacrificial Poet Project and creator of the Jesus Poetry Slam. Sounds cheesy. But his poetry is as genuine as his interest in others. It is among the best I’ve read or heard.

The meaningful poignancy of lines he spoke during the conference struck me at the core of where I hold questions and tensions inside.

This is insanity – dirt holding thoughts of eternity.


A fairy tale God writing dust into eternity – and just because we read it wrong doesn’t mean it’s bad poetry.


What if ancient wisdom had it right all along and modern science is only catching up? What if everything is poetry?


I highly recommend reading more of Phil Long’s words. And if a collection of the new works I got to hear at the conference come out soon, I would even recommend buying it.