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I’ve started working at a local grocery store I love – New Seasons Market. I couldn’t believe one of the points made multiple times by the woman providing orientation my first day: we know you’re human. One of the many reasons I already love working here.

We like to remind customers they’re allowed to be human too. In case anyone has questions about the fantastic customer service they can receive at New Seasons, the store provides a “Fine Print” poster at the entrance that includes the following:


That’s right, “If you break it…don’t worry. Accidents happen.”

Next on the poster is always saying yes to special requests. If Steve Martin’s character in Father of the Bride had come to our store when he wanted to buy only eight hot dog buns out of a twelve pack, we would have accommodated him with a smile.

And if he decided he didn’t like the buns after he got home, he could return them without a receipt, no questions asked. Because really, who can keep up with receipts in the midst of daily life?

Thank you, New Seasons, for embracing our humanity!