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We’ve taken a close look at righteousness (sedaqah) over the past few days. As a reminder, the reason we zoomed in on the biblical concept of righteousness is because it frequently appears alongside the word justice in the Bible. Righteousness must therefore be a key component in redefining justice.

Let’s pause for a day to let things soak in. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the Hebrew word for justice, mishpat.

Now would be a great time to continue reflecting on the Scriptures listed on October 6th. I’ve found it helpful to reread such scriptures as my understanding of righteousness and justice continues to expand. They start taking on a whole new meaning!

If you have any thoughts or questions you haven’t gotten to share yet, I’d love to consider them over the next few days.

And if you have any photos that capture your understanding of justice, I’d love to share them throughout this series. Please send them my way with info on how to credit them.

Thanks friends and fellow truth seekers!