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I’ve been wanting to post new thoughts for weeks, but life has been crazier than ever. We’re suddenly moving – back to Baltimore, Maryland!!

I look forward to sharing more details later – when we know them! This is a huge leap of faith for us surrounded by questions and uncertainty.

My mom keep asking for info on “the plan” and all I can do is laugh and keep packing.

I’m so appreciative of the many people who read my blog during the 31 Days of Redefining Justice series. I hate to leave you hanging right now and am hopeful you won’t give up on me while I retreat for a bit to make this transition.

I’m currently working on a piece that relates the practice of justice to Soren Kierkegaard’s understanding of mercifulness. With the way life has been going, there’s no telling when the post will go up, but it’s in the works.

In the interim, here are some of my previous blog posts that have practical applications for living out biblical justice:

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Thanks for your patience and participation!