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We’re not in Portland anymore, Toto.

I went for a jog when it was 13° fahrenheit – and sunny!

Everyone we’ve talked with in Portland says we must be wishing we were back in the milder climate. But we’ll take sunny and below freezing any day over nine months of grey.


We put food scraps in the trash here. This makes me feel mildly guilty.

Groceries have cost us two to four times what we paid in Portland. I didn’t anticipate more than the price of nostalgia for leaving the Hood River Valley.

I suppose California has something to do with this too.

I thought I saw Mount Hood on the horizon the other day. Turns out it was a smoke cloud.


My brother and I are living in the same city for the first time since high school.

After having spent three days together in the past week, I think he may be convinced I’m not a communist after all.

Our home has shrunk to a ten-by-twelve foot room. This is fun when I want to pretend I’m back in college.

Actually, it’s generally fun because we get to live with a fantastic couple and their dog. Thankfully we don’t have to fit all five of us in the ten-by-twelve foot room.

Add a baby and two mothers-in-law and we’re out by April.

Come pastorate, come!