Writing Portfolio

I am a freelance writer passionate about social justice, community development, and honest assessment of everyday realities. I thrive on exploration – whether journeying to faraway countries, discovering local treasures, or venturing into books and ideas, I savor the opportunity to further open my eyes to the world.


• Writing, editing, book reviews,  manuals, educational materials, back cover copy
• Research, curriculum development, packaging high-level information into accessible content
• Cross-cultural relations, travel experience
• Community development
• Mentoring and assisting at-risk children
• Training and informally educating
• Partnership development

Book Reviews

Finding Fernanda

Proof of Heaven

Reclaiming Lily

Curricula & Educational Materials

Haiti Learning Group

Advocacy Toolkit

Media Toolkit

$2 a Day Challenge

Travel & Intercultural Writing

Road Trip!

Always Running Late? Consider Traveling in Africa

Hidden Airfare Costs Exposed

Honeymoons: A Class of Their Own





Web Content

Churches Offer Healing in Congo

Indonesia Introduction


To see a copy of my résuméplease contact me with your business information. Thank you for your consideration.


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